Iran Deal: Letting the Genie Out of The Bottle

The deal carved out by Iran, America and the five other world powers is glaring in what it leaves out and dangerous in what it inscribes.

Not considering the ostensible purpose of the deal – that Iran is delayed in acquiring a nuclear weapon (we’ll discuss that later), what does the deal really do and what does it prevent?

The deal will free up all of Iran’s money – an estimated $140 billion — that has been inaccessible to the Islamic republic due to economic sanctions that the have been imposed on them due to their rogue nuclear program.
In addition, the deal will cancel the 2007 U.N. arms embargo which prevented Iran from purchasing weapons on the world market in five years. A further U.N. restriction on Iran’s ballistic missile program will be cancelled in eight years.
The combination of readily-available cash flow and unlimited access to deadly advanced weaponry in the hands of fanatical mullahs and their military figureheads poses a real threat to America and the world.

“American soldiers in the Middle East will face greater danger because this deal lifts the ban on Iran acquiring the weapons it has been using to target American soldiers and it gives them the money to purchase those weapons,” says Ryan Mauro, Clarion’s national security analyst and a professor of homeland security. “American soldiers have already been killed by weapons purchased by Iran illegally. Now, because of this deal, Iran will be able to purchase even more weapons, but this time legally.”

Instead of disarming Iran, the nuclear deal disarms America, Mauro says. “It keeps Iran’s nuclear infrastructure in place, but removes America’s ability to defend ourselves economically and militarily by lifting the sanctions and the arms embargo.”

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