ISIS Spreads Terror Tentacles in a Dozen Indian States

Essay By MEMRI Scholar Tufail Ahmad: ‘Pakistani Jihad – ISIS Spreads Terror Tentacles In A Dozen Indian States’

By: Tufail Ahmad*

On July 28, 2015, Tufail Ahmad, director of the MEMRI South Asia Studies Project, published an essay on the website of the India Facts Research Center titled “Pakistani Jihad – ISIS Spreads Terror Tentacles In A Dozen Indian States.” The following is the essay:[1]

“Information available from open source media regarding pro-ISIS elements in India indicates that jihadi activities are being observed by intelligence agencies in a dozen Indian states.

“This article will review the current jihadi threat to India from the Islamic State, or ISIS, as well as from Pakistan, which seems to be reviving militancy in Punjab.

“Three days before the July 27 [2015] terror attacks in Gurdaspur district, a media report noted, on July 24, that Punjab ‘is reportedly witnessing revival of Khalistan Movement,’ basically a terror network backed by Pakistan.

This article will also argue that the Indian government and the judiciary need to put curbs on social media networks and the Urdu press to curtail pro-jihadi

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