Conservatives Furious at Fox, Say Trump Wasn’t Treated Fairly

Last night’s twitter was on fire from disgruntled conservatives who were fed up with the ‘Establishment Narrative’ dominating the direction of the debates; many were in shock. Was Fox becoming the new MSNBC? Fox’s Megyn Kelly received over 500 tweets calling her out on her questions about Donald Trump’s social media comments about women, clearly orchestrated to sway the female vote, (as America faces an invasion at the border.)

Priorities. In my opinion, Trump and Cruz dominated the debates, and Dr. Ben Carson demonstrated the best one-liners. The emergence of Trump, Fiorina and Dr. Carson as rising stars sends a message to the GOP establishment that the American people are tired of politicians who go to Washington and abandon the issues and values of their base. Could 2016 be the year of the non-politician rising to center stage? Grab your seat and prepare for the next round of fireworks.

Image: Conservatives Furious at Fox, Say Trump Wasn’t Treated Fairly (Wire services)
By Melanie Batley | Friday, 07 Aug 2015 02:10 PM

Fox News is facing a backlash from conservatives after critics felt the network was biased and unfair in the manner it approached the forum for the Republican presidential candidates’ debate Thursday, and namely, Donald Trump.

According to Media Equalizer, tens of thousands of observers swamped social media with criticism of Fox and the moderators, with some comments attracting more than 2,000 “likes.”

“This was shameful. You and Fox News did not treat the candidates fairly. You tried to make Donald J. Trump look foolish. All you did was make Fox News look foolish.”

“Donald J. Trump still has my vote,” said one post which appeared on the network’s Facebook page and received over 2,200 “likes” just two hours after it was posted.

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