Franklin Graham Spoke Out on Donald Trump, With One Undeniable Fact Everyone Should See

For the Rev. Franklin Graham, there’s no separation of church and state when it comes to following and commenting on national politics that could well impact our country’s leadership for years to come. The head of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association just posted a message about Donald Trump to his 2.2 million Facebook followers — a message that linked to an article about the new NBC News poll that shows Trump still leading the GOP field by a comfortable margin following the first presidential debate and the much-publicized feud with Fox News.

In that widely liked and broadly shared social media post, Rev. Graham said he’s not endorsing Trump or any other candidate–but he appreciates what the outspoken contender for the nomination is doing to the Republican Party.

In an interview with the website the day after the first GOP primetime debate, Rev. Graham said that he’s met and spoken with Donald Trump and believes him to be a “very smart man”; but he doesn’t want to endorse anyone as primary season gets underway. Graham, though, doesn’t hesitate to blast both parties for their self-serving antics that have put America on a perilous path.

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