Obama Appeases Jihadis, ISIS, While They Plan Their Caliphate

February 20, 2015/in Must Read, National Security, News, Policy /by Ruth Roman

While ISIS continues to gain strength in the Middle East and the Obama Administration claims to be building a coalition to fight them, a fundamental question must be addressed: Why has the Pentagon refused to back the Egyptian bombing of I.S.I.S. in Libya after Christian Egyptians were slaughtered? Despite the fact that this administration backed the Muslim Brotherhood leader, Morsi, who was later ousted in a legitimate election, Egypt’s president, El Sisi, has taken retaliatory action against this terrorist group by bombing their camps, killing over 150 and capturing 55 prisoners, proving he’s serious about terrorism.

When Obama states that ‘ISIL. is not Islamic,’ is he reinforcing the fact that he is an ideologue fixated on semantics, or is he adhering to the dictates of ‘Blasphemy Laws,’ which prohibit any criticism of Islam? After all, he has a symbiotic relationship with Islam through his family progeny.


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