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Free Speech in The West on Life Support

June 28, 2017/in Commentary, Policy, Politics, Religion, Social Issues, Waste, Fraud and Abuse /by Ruth Roman America and Europe are under full frontal assault, but it’s a silent war; attacking every vestige of Free Speech. MSM news outlets have been … Continue reading

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Are Democrat Politicians in Full Panic Mode and Attacking Themselves?

Democrat leaders must surely be in ‘panic mode’ with the most recent revelations that Loretta Lynch is under investigation for colluding with the Clinton campaign, (we all remember Bill’s rendevous with Lynch on the tarmac, while Hillary was still under … Continue reading

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New Blasphemy Laws for Canada?

Is Canada now going the way of Europe and now going to begin to punish those who “criticize Islam,” even if there are valid points that it is incompatible with western law? Americans don’t realize how lucky we are, that … Continue reading

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Trump Lists His Demands for the Castro Regime

President Trump, who received overwhelming support from Cuban Americans during his campaign, has kept his promise to them, promoting freedom for the Cuban people and the incarcerated dissidents living under Cuba’s tyrannical communist regime. June 16, 2017 by Cortney O’Brien … Continue reading

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Corruption and Collusion- Obama, Comey and the Press

Why is President Trump being investigated and not Hillary, Lynch and Comey? Bill Clinton’s rendezvous with Loretta Lynch on the tarmac during Hillary’s ongoing e-mailgate investigation and her former law firm colleague, Comey’s, arbitrary dismissal of her actions are inexcusable. … Continue reading

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A Staggering 70% of Jewish Students Experienced Anti-Semitism at U. of California

College Campuses are ground zero for attacks on free speech and intolerance of everything, including conservatives. However, for Jewish students the atmosphere has become frightening and dangerous. First published in The Times of Israel The University of California (UC) has … Continue reading

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Does Robert Mueller Want to Create a Civil War?

Mueller and Comey, not only being good friends, appear to have the same bad habits; leaking classified information. The Dog and Pony Show against President Trump has taken many twists and turns, but with all of the digging and probing … Continue reading

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