Are Democrat Politicians in Full Panic Mode and Attacking Themselves?

Democrat leaders must surely be in ‘panic mode’ with the most recent revelations that Loretta Lynch is under investigation for colluding with the Clinton campaign, (we all remember Bill’s rendevous with Lynch on the tarmac, while Hillary was still under investigation for ’email-gate’.) Debbie Wasserman Schultz has called out ex-DHS Chief, Jeh Johnson accusing him of lying under oath when he said the DNC refused the help of the DHS in their hacking scandal. Former F.B.I. Director Comey, has admitted under oath that he leaked a classified memo to a friend at Columbia U., which was leaked to the New York Times. To add insult to injury, now we’ve learned the Senator Bernie Sanders is under F.B.I. investigation for bank fraud, as he allegedly put pressure on bankers to issue a bank loan to his wife, then president of the now defunct Burlington college, while she allegedly submitted false information to them.

The Swamp is also in full panic mode as Zerohedge Blog revealed that the C.I.A., under BHO, issued a $600M contract to Jeff Bezos, owner of the Washington Post, Amazon, and soon to be Whole Foods. He’s one of the chief swamp bullfrogs that has been trying to take down President Trump. Is this another Pay for Play?

The Republicans in the Senate are finally coming out of their catatonic slumber and beginning to investigate suspicious and mind boggling expenditures via government contracts, such as the $43M gas station in Afghanistan built under Obama’s reign. Did anyone else even bid on this?

The Washington Times has reported that over $6B State Dept. funds are unaccounted for under Hillary”s watch.

Now will our MSM ever report any of this? Don’t hold your breath!

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