Ruth Roman is a freelance investigative writer, political analyst, and social media Blogger.  Her passion is people and politics. She is a native of Chicago, has a ten year background in federal and state law enforcement, having worked in the prison systems.  Ruth then became  a small business owner and restaurateur.   She has worked on congressional and mayoral campaigns in Chicago and Broward County.  She has been on the front line covering a number of protests, including “Occupy Fort Lauderdale” and the “Free Gaza” Protest.  Her undercover investigative report inside the “Islamic Fundraising Dinner for Palestine” held in Broward County, was showcased in the “Patriots Press Newsblog.”  She has appeared on Joyce Kaufman’s Radio Show, The Dr. Rich Radio Show and the Trentovision  Radio Show.  She attended the Republican National Convention, where she was a co-host for “Watchdogwire,” with Dr. Rich Swier and co-host for “Righting The Right,” with Glen Pav, via radio and livestream TV, where she interviewed former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, Congressman Jason Chaffetz and former CIA officers Gary Berntsen, Clare Lopez and other dignitaries.  Ruth covered the Presidential Debates at Lynn U. for TrentoVision TV and WatchDogWire, where she interviewed Republican and Democrat politicians from the floor.  Ruth is a contributing writer for Dr. Rich Swier, WatchDogWire  and other news outlets.  She is Co-Chair of Champions of Liberty Tea Party, Board Member of E.A.C.H., educating the public on the growing problem of anti-Semitism, and a Republican Committeewoman in Broward County.

Follow her on twitter:  lipstickpundit@lipstickpundit1 and @Cola.Ftl and Facebook.com/Cola.Ftl





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