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Are Democrat Politicians in Full Panic Mode and Attacking Themselves?

Democrat leaders must surely be in ‘panic mode’ with the most recent revelations that Loretta Lynch is under investigation for colluding with the Clinton campaign, (we all remember Bill’s rendevous with Lynch on the tarmac, while Hillary was still under … Continue reading

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Combat Veterans for Congress Endorse Trump; Revelations of How He Has Quietly Supported Our Vets

The Endorsement of Donald J. Trump For President The American people have expressed their frustration with the Washington “Political Ruling Class” and the Congressional leaders of the Republican and Democrat parties, because they have supported policies that can only be … Continue reading

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Fact Checking Obama’s State of The Union Address

President Barack Obama looked to the future Tuesday night in his final State of the Union address, touching on issues ranging from health care and the economy to climate change, terrorism and military strength. Obama touted the achievements of his … Continue reading

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698,000 Americans Lost Their Jobs In August; Why This is Important

Tyler Durden on 09/07/2015 15:14 -0400 After the Fed admitted over a year ago that the US unemployment rate (which in 2012 was supposed to be a rate hike “threshold” once it hit 6.5% and is now at 5.1%) has … Continue reading

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BHO Matches Jimmy Carter Record

I’ve had the opportunity to meet many struggling American workers who have been hit hard because of the employer penalties embraced in Obamacare. Met Judy, a 50ish single mother who works a full time nightshift at a Walmart Super Center … Continue reading

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