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Florida Ground Zero for Voter Fraud: Broward County Supervisor Changes Absentee Ballot Rules

August 19, 2016 Ruth Roman Part II: Investigative Report on Voter Fraud in Florida In my previous article, I revealed that a lawsuit had been filed against Broward County Supervisor of Elections Dr. Brenda Snipes, which alleges that voter rolls … Continue reading

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Lawyer Ask Appeals Court to Let Him Defend Cliven Bundy in Nevada Case

Former President Obama pardoned a host of ‘Bad Guys’ on his way out the door, including GITMO terrorists, (who went on to join their ISIS jihadi comrades), high level drug dealers, who were involved in international drug trafficking of heroin, … Continue reading

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Are Democrat Politicians in Full Panic Mode and Attacking Themselves?

Democrat leaders must surely be in ‘panic mode’ with the most recent revelations that Loretta Lynch is under investigation for colluding with the Clinton campaign, (we all remember Bill’s rendevous with Lynch on the tarmac, while Hillary was still under … Continue reading

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Does Robert Mueller Want to Create a Civil War?

Mueller and Comey, not only being good friends, appear to have the same bad habits; leaking classified information. The Dog and Pony Show against President Trump has taken many twists and turns, but with all of the digging and probing … Continue reading

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Why We Must Defend Trump Against the Creatures of the Swamp

May 21, 2017/in Commentary, News, Policy, Politics /by Ruth Roman While the media witch hunt of President Trump continues, the Deplorables who elected him have not become demoralized, as The Deep State had projected, they have become emboldened. Many still … Continue reading

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Combat Veterans for Congress Endorse Trump; Revelations of How He Has Quietly Supported Our Vets

The Endorsement of Donald J. Trump For President The American people have expressed their frustration with the Washington “Political Ruling Class” and the Congressional leaders of the Republican and Democrat parties, because they have supported policies that can only be … Continue reading

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Syrian, Iraqi Refugees Arrested In Terror Stings in Texas, California

Breaking: A Philadelphia policeman dodged an execution while sitting in his police car. The assailant pumped multiple bullets into the officer’s arm, while pledging allegiance to ISIS. Now we have coast to coast Islamic jihadi incidents and our POTUS has … Continue reading

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