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Combat Veterans for Congress Endorse Trump; Revelations of How He Has Quietly Supported Our Vets

The Endorsement of Donald J. Trump For President The American people have expressed their frustration with the Washington “Political Ruling Class” and the Congressional leaders of the Republican and Democrat parties, because they have supported policies that can only be … Continue reading

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OP-ED- A Call to Courage Over Benghazi Cover-Up

Op-Ed – A Call to Courage Over Benghazi After 8 months of stonewalling the Congress, the below listed article calls for Congress to take action to force the Obama Administration to provide the American people with the truth about what … Continue reading

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Hidden Wounds of War: How One Florida Veteran’s Mom Has Made a Difference

September 23, 2015/in Commentary, Healthcare, Policy, Politics, Social Issues /by Ruth Roman Many Americans have witnessed the obvious wounds of war, as our military heroes return home missing limbs, handicapped and by IED’s, roadside bombs, and combat injuries from the … Continue reading

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