Free Speech in The West on Life Support

June 28, 2017/in Commentary, Policy, Politics, Religion, Social Issues, Waste, Fraud and Abuse /by Ruth Roman

America and Europe are under full frontal assault, but it’s a silent war; attacking every vestige of Free Speech. MSM news outlets have been eerily silent; because they’re supplying the ammunition through their promotion of political correctness.

Americans have, for too long, taken their liberties and the right of freedom of speech for granted. The First Amendment in the Bill of Rights was created by our founding Fathers for the purpose of equipping its populace with all of the freedoms that had been deprived of themselves; that they fought and died for.

Our European counterparts, unfortunately were never granted the same rights and opportunities as delineated in our Bill of Rights, therefore attacks on freedom of speech under the guise of ‘hate speech’ have reached a tipping point.

Recently, German police raided 36 homes over ‘hateful’ Face book posts. The NYT reports that the raid comes as the country debates a new social media law, cracking down on ‘hate speech.’ Prime Minister, Merkel, had previously met with Face book’s Zuckerberg to discuss cracking down on the criticism of Islam on social media and now citizens are being fined for their ‘hateful rhetoric.’ In Europe, at the present, has become illegal to criticize the migrants or Islam, resulting in fines or detainment.

The U.N., Organization of Islamic Conference, a group of 57 Muslim states has been attempting to enforce global blasphemy laws, as delineated in The Istanbul Process, has been working for over 15 years to prevent or limit criticism of Islam and the Prophet.

Now the enforcement of ‘blasphemy laws’ are closer than we would have imagined. Canada, recently detained a Christian, conservative author, lecturer, social media blogger, and Tea Party Patriot, ‘Wild Bill for America;’ and confiscated his I-pad upon arrival at their airport. Wild Bill was on his way to speak at an anti-Islam conference. He was arrested and detained for seven hours, the authorities read his I-Pad, retreated behind closed doors and concluded that he was ‘smuggling hate speech on his I-Pad!’ Therefore, he was arrested for hate speech that he never spoke. His I-Pad was being sent to Ottawa for forensic examination and possible tariff violation. The actions of the Canadian officers clearly were supporting Sharia Law, where there can be no criticism of Islam. Furthermore, their actions set a very dangerous precedent for their citizens and foreigners travelling to Canada. Will their laptops, books and briefcases be confiscated because of their religious or political beliefs based upon suspicion or notoriety?

America has been under censorship for ‘hate speech’ just like our counterparts, but to a lesser degree Face book and Twitter has blocked, shut down or taken posts down when the blogger’s rhetoric was interpreted as being hateful, especially toward Islam. On our universities conservative speakers have been boycotted and shut down by anarchy groups such as Antifa, BLM and Muslim Brotherhood front groups, SJP and MSA. Universities have even created ‘Free Speech Zones’ designed to regulate freedom of speech or expression.

The regulation of Free Speech through legislation is perhaps the most dangerous of all. In April, 2017, the US Senate passed Senate Resolution 118, “Condemning hate crime and any other form of racism, religious, or ethnic bias, discrimination, incitement to violence or animus targeting a minority in the US.” What is disconcerting about this legislation is that it was drafted by a Muslim organization, EmagageUSA, formerly EmergeUSA, and the Muslim Public Affairs Council, MPAC.

Most recently, the House has introduced a bill, H Res. 257, “condemning hate crime and any other form of racism, religious or ethnic bias, discrimination, incitement to violence or animus targeting a minority in the U.S. This bill urges that the DOJ, FBI, Sate Dept. become involved in these efforts, therefore, law enforcement could enforce an alleged criminal act. Could this bill be a precursor to ‘Blasphemy Laws,’ where criticism of Islam could be punishable?

Americans must oppose any legislation that will result in the punishment of Free Speech.

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Irma Gordon
Irma Gordon says:
June 28, 2017 at 11:12 AM
Ruth has done a commendable job, clarifying the emergent threat to freedom of speech in America. Unless we fight this attempt to curtail our freedom to say, comment, criticize and/or condemn speech, we shall soon have no words left. Make it your business to answer all attempts with swift confrontation !!

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Are Democrat Politicians in Full Panic Mode and Attacking Themselves?

Democrat leaders must surely be in ‘panic mode’ with the most recent revelations that Loretta Lynch is under investigation for colluding with the Clinton campaign, (we all remember Bill’s rendevous with Lynch on the tarmac, while Hillary was still under investigation for ’email-gate’.) Debbie Wasserman Schultz has called out ex-DHS Chief, Jeh Johnson accusing him of lying under oath when he said the DNC refused the help of the DHS in their hacking scandal. Former F.B.I. Director Comey, has admitted under oath that he leaked a classified memo to a friend at Columbia U., which was leaked to the New York Times. To add insult to injury, now we’ve learned the Senator Bernie Sanders is under F.B.I. investigation for bank fraud, as he allegedly put pressure on bankers to issue a bank loan to his wife, then president of the now defunct Burlington college, while she allegedly submitted false information to them.

The Swamp is also in full panic mode as Zerohedge Blog revealed that the C.I.A., under BHO, issued a $600M contract to Jeff Bezos, owner of the Washington Post, Amazon, and soon to be Whole Foods. He’s one of the chief swamp bullfrogs that has been trying to take down President Trump. Is this another Pay for Play?

The Republicans in the Senate are finally coming out of their catatonic slumber and beginning to investigate suspicious and mind boggling expenditures via government contracts, such as the $43M gas station in Afghanistan built under Obama’s reign. Did anyone else even bid on this?

The Washington Times has reported that over $6B State Dept. funds are unaccounted for under Hillary”s watch.

Now will our MSM ever report any of this? Don’t hold your breath!

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New Blasphemy Laws for Canada?

Is Canada now going the way of Europe and now going to begin to punish those who “criticize Islam,” even if there are valid points that it is incompatible with western law? Americans don’t realize how lucky we are, that our Founding Fathers had the foresight to protect freedom of speech in our First Amendment, for if one can not criticize a government or an ideology than he has succumbed to it and must be subservient to it.

The O.I.C., Organization of Islamic Conference in the U.N., has been promoting ‘blasphemy laws’ for the West for years, realizing that this will facilitate their civilization jihad one country at a time.

Americans view the Muslim migrant invasion of Europe and wonder why the civilians of these countries are not speaking up against the Islamic takeover of their nation states.

Perhaps we as Americans don’t realize that they don’t have the privilege of the First Amendment,
and they may be jailed or fined for speaking out against Islam or migrants as it pertains to ‘the criticism of Islam.’ This is true in France, Sweden and other countries.

The Istanbul Process was a conference initiated by Turkey’s Erdogen, facilitated by the O.I.C., which Hillary Clinton attended, which called for Blasphemy Laws, with the support of the global Muslim Brotherhood, which she recognized and supported with her endorsement of Morsi in Egypt. The Clinton Foundation also received funding from Qatar, a major supporting arm for The Brotherhood.

There is no doubt that if Hillary had won this last election, Americans would be also facing a challenge to our right for freedom of speech. As George Washington warned us, ” If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”

BY SHABNAM ASSADOLLAHI Thursday, June 15, 2017

Criticizing Islam in Canada should not be illegal or disliking it should not be classified as a phobia. A “phobia” is a type of mental disorder. Isn’t the “Islamophobia” motion, which was unanimously passed by the Canadian government and calls for limiting the rights of Canadians to criticize Islam, contrary to Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms? What is the purpose of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms then?

The definition of Islamophobia from a Google search is “dislike of or prejudice against Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force.” What exactly has the Parliament of Canada made a motion against? Criticism of Islam? Criticism of Mohammed? Criticism and condemnation of the Islamic State and all Islamic terrorist groups affiliated with radical Islamic ideology? Petitioning against those Canadians who condemn Sharia law? If Canadians criticize Islam or convert from Islam, will they now be considered “Islamophobes” by Canada?

What’s next? Sending Iran and Hamas type morality police to the doorsteps of Canadians critical of Islam, while radical imams in the country continue to spew openly hateful and radical ideas in schools and mosques? What about Canadians who are suspicious of others plotting possible terrorist activities – will they be afraid to report it to authorities in case they are wrong?

The motion (M-103) which the Canadian government recently passed was initiated on June 8, 2016, by Samer Majzoub, president of the Canadian Muslim Forum. It condemns Islamophobia in “all” forms.

The details of the motion, which was sponsored by a member of parliament from the Liberal party, are extremely sketchy to say the least. The motion states:

“We, the undersigned, Citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the House of Commons to join us in recognizing that extremist individuals do not represent the religion of Islam, and in condemning all forms of Islamophobia.”

It seems that many Western politicians, the mainstream media and our intellectual elites use the term “Islamophobia” without even knowing what is in Islam. There might be a lot of things about which one could be rationally “phobic,” or simply fearful of, in Islam.

For example, political Islam is known to be an ideology that produces Islamist terrorists. Islamic Republic of Iran is a prime example of it.

Since Trudeau Liberals came to power, Canadians have been constantly reminded that to speak negatively about Islam is supposedly acting as a fear-mongering, racist, xenophobic, “Islamophobe.”

Yet, many people are rightfully afraid of harm coming to them from Islamic (sharia law) and radical or political Islam. I am a living example of one who has experienced harm from radical Islam.

I was imprisoned at age 16 by the Iranian regime for simply expressing my disagreement with their policies (which now might be viewed as Islamophobic in Canada). They held me prisoner for 18 months in their notorious Evin Prison; I miraculously escaped the murder and rape I heard about every day in that dark place.

Read Shabnam Asadollahi’s story here

The memories of my imprisonment still haunt me. And the regime’s threats still follow me today in Canada. Therefore, I have a reasonable fear of radical Islam. To call my fear a phobia, an irrational fear, lacks compassion and fails to recognize the true reality of the present danger living close to me once again.

It was reported that the highest commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards recently said they would soon kill all dissidents living abroad. That means I am on their hit list.

People are jittery about radical Islam and sharia law for many justifiable reasons: They look at how sharia is practiced in Saudi Arabia, Iran, by the Islamic State and Nigeria’s Boko Haram.

The Islamic Cairo Declaration of 1990, written as a direct refutation to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, states that all human rights are defined under Islamic sharia law. Therefore, beheading, stoning, flogging, slavery, child marriage, wife-beating, amputations and a woman’s worth considered half of a man’s are all human rights.

Is that what we want for or in Canada? Or in any country?

To those of us who have experienced Islamic Sharia law first-hand, protecting Western values – free speech, common law, equal justice under the law, democratic (“man-made”) governance; individual freedoms, separation of church and state, an independent judiciary, to name just a few – is indeed a cause for concern. Every single one of them is contradicted by Islamic Sharia law or radical Islam.

Why should it be against the law to outspokenly disagree with aspects of a different political ideology, religion or culture? Especially if it outspokenly threatens one’s own?

It is interesting to note that there are no comparable terms for other religions, such as Christianophobia or Judeophobia that define a dislike or prejudice against Christianity, Judaism or the Judeo-Christian worldview.

What is true is that Christians and Jews would never be allowed to call for a similar motion in any Middle Eastern country in the world.

While M-103 has been stirring in our halls of government, there is also another trend sweeping through these same halls to rid the Canadian Charter of obsolete, unconstitutional or redundant laws, thanks to other Liberal MPs.

On Tuesday, June 6, 2017, the liberals unveiled Bill C-51 that would clean up the Canadian Criminal Code. This Bill would remove the outdated blasphemy law that has existed in Canada since 1892. Government feels this would clean up old law that isn’t consistent with freedom of speech and religion in Canada.

Strangely, C-51 and M-103 seem to contradict one another. While M-103 condemns Islamophobia in all forms, including speaking against Islam, C-51 is loosening law to allow anyone to freely express themselves concerning anyone’s religion without fear of reprisal or imprisonment. Will C-51 only apply to every religion except Islam?

“Intolerance of Intolerance” is the de-facto blasphemy law of the secular state. Is the Government of Canada scrapping one blasphemy law, only to replace it with another?
A complete version of this article appeared on Mackenzie Institut

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Trump Lists His Demands for the Castro Regime

President Trump, who received overwhelming support from Cuban Americans during his campaign, has kept his promise to them, promoting freedom for the Cuban people and the incarcerated dissidents living under Cuba’s tyrannical communist regime.

June 16, 2017 by Cortney O’Brien

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) joined Vice President Mike Pence and President Trump in Miami, Florida Friday to unveil the White House’s new Cuba policy.

Rubio heaped praise on the president for showing compassion toward the Cuban people, who continue to struggle under the dictatorial leadership of Raul Castro. In multiple conversations the two had since the election, Rubio shared that Trump asked him constantly, “What are we going to do about Cuba?”
Well, the president was on hand to explain just some of the ways he intends to empower the people of Cuba, starting by canceling many of the provisions in the Obama administration’s “one-sided” deal with the Castro regime.

“The Cuban American community has so much love,” Trump said, returning the warm welcome he received when he walked onstage. “I saw that immediately.”
He commended the community for building a vibrant culture in Miami, noting it is “a testament to what a free Cuba can be.”
“With God’s help, a free Cuba is what we will soon achieve,” he added.
President Trump proceeded to do what his predecessor failed to so many times – expose communism for the failure it is.

“Now that I am president we will expose the crimes of the Castro regime,” he promised.
The president listed several demands his administration will be making of Castro. For instance, Trump informed the dictator that they will not be lifting sanctions on Cuba until all political prisoners are free, all parties are legalized, and free elections are scheduled. He also plans to restrict U.S. dollars going to a military that is the cause of the Castro regime, enforce the ban on tourism and embargo. He also demanded that investments “flow directly to the people so they can open private businesses.”
He wasn’t finished. The president demanded that Castro stop harboring fugitives and criminals like Joanne Chesimard, who escaped from prison in 1979 and has been hiding in Cuba ever since gaining political asylum in 1984.

Trump finished his remarks, and went to a nearby table to sign the new contract.
“America will expose the crimes of the Castro regime and stand with the Cuban people in their struggle for freedom,” he said.
This is a good time for a Flashback Friday.

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Corruption and Collusion- Obama, Comey and the Press

Why is President Trump being investigated and not Hillary, Lynch and Comey? Bill Clinton’s rendezvous with Loretta Lynch on the tarmac during Hillary’s ongoing e-mailgate investigation and her former law firm colleague, Comey’s, arbitrary dismissal of her actions are inexcusable. Remember it is the Dept. of Justice, not the F.B.I. that has the authority to dismiss a case.


It now seems clear that Barack Obama was a corrupt machine politician in the worst Chicago mold. He used the IRS to silence his enemies, and the Justice Department to protect his friends. His two major “achievements” — a health care law that doesn’t work and a deal that increased the power and prestige of the terrorist state of Iran — were built on lies to the public and manipulation of the press. And that’s according to his own allies! Only the leftist bias and racial pathology of the media kept his administration from being destroyed by scandal, as it surely would have been had he been a white Republican.

I don’t mention this to bring up old grudges, but for what it says about the current moment and the week just passed. Here’s some of what we recently learned:

Former FBI Director James Comey’s Senate testimony concerning former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s corruption confirmed our worst suspicions about the Obama DOJ. In an apparent attempt to help Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Lynch told Comey to refer to the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s abuse of classified material as “a matter” rather than an investigation. And, as we already knew but Comey confirmed, Lynch’s secret tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton so underscored Comey’s sense of her crookedness that the self-serving drama queen Comey actually went around her to publicly declare Hillary guilty-but-not-guilty.

“It won’t get much attention, but that was pretty damning,” said CNN’s John King of Comey’s testimony about Lynch. You can translate “it won’t get much attention” into “we won’t give it much attention.”

Be Thankful for What Trump Is Not
But all that was nothing compared to the brutal, nearly 300-page report released last week by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, a report absolutely blasting the previous Obama AG, Eric Holder. The report details how Holder and the Obama administration labored to cover up the details of the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal — a scandal which, unlike the non-collusion-with-Russia non-scandal, was implicated in the murder of an American law officer. Even the mom of the slain officer couldn’t get the truth out of Holder and his cronies. The report says Holder considered the officer’s family a “nuisance” because they were trying to get him to tell them how exactly the lawman died at the hands of gangsters who were wielding guns Obama’s DOJ had allowed them to buy.

We’ve heard a lot from Comey and the press this week about the precious independence of the Justice Department. And yet Attorney General Holder once said, “I’m still the president’s wing-man, so I’m there with my boy.” Holder was also the first attorney general ever to be held in contempt of Congress for not turning over documents relating to Fast and Furious. And, speaking of obstruction of justice — we were speaking of obstruction of justice, weren’t we? — President Obama asserted executive privilege to make it easier for Holder to keep those docs in the dark. Hey, nothing’s too good for the president’s wingman!


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A Staggering 70% of Jewish Students Experienced Anti-Semitism at U. of California

College Campuses are ground zero for attacks on free speech and intolerance of everything, including conservatives. However, for Jewish students the atmosphere has become frightening and dangerous.

First published in The Times of Israel

The University of California (UC) has recently witnessed an alarming escalation in anti-Semitic activity. The many incidents of anti-Semitism last year made repeated national headlines. And school has been back in session a mere handful of weeks and already numerous frightening incidents have been reported, including swastikas and “F*** Jews” carved into multiple cars.

In order to understand the campus climate for UC Jewish students, AMCHA Initiative carried out an on-line survey last month. The results are extremely troubling.

More than 70% of the respondents reported witnessing or experiencing anti-Semitism on campus including anti-Semitic graffiti, heckling, name-calling, threats and physical assaults.

In addition, more than 60% of respondents reported that BDS activity promotes hostile actions towards Jewish students, and more than one-third of the students felt that campus administrators were not sensitive to Jewish concerns.

Most troubling of all were the dozens of comments that students shared describing anti-Semitic incidents that they had experienced or witnessed, including rhetoric and behavior that go far beyond political or scholarly debate. For example:

A student at UCSC wrote: “One of my friends wearing a yarmulke was walking into the library and had a member of Students for Justice in Palestine wearing a border patrol uniform say Hitler was right.”
A student at UCI wrote: “I was called a “kike” on campus by Students for Justice in Palestine and my two female friends and I were shoved to the ground and physically assaulted…I am afraid to be on this campus.”
A student at UCSB wrote: “My friend was out at night and a student from Students for Justice in Palestine called her demeaning names and spat at her.”
Respondents also commented extensively on the hostile environment that BDS has created for Jewish students on their campus. For example:

A student at UCD wrote: “During BDS I actually avoid Hillel, the quad, and even my sorority because I just really don’t want to have to deal with how unsafe campus feels during that time. Everyone in my entire Jewish sphere is stressed and anxious and I have never experienced that level of discomfort in my community until coming to UC Davis.” She added that she and her friends don’t wear their Greek letters during BDS for fear of being identified as Jewish.
A student at UCSB wrote: “Whenever BDS [advocates] present the divestment resolution on campus, the entire campus climate changes…My anxiety increases three-fold and I genuinely experience PTSD after the meetings.”
The student testimonials demonstrate unequivocally that many Jewish students are targeted, harassed and intimidated regardless of how they feel about Israel. They also demonstrate the frightening extent to which BDS campaigns are steeped in anti-Semitic themes and lead to anti-Jewish incitement and behavior.

Jewish students have the right to feel safe regardless of what they or others feel about the action of the Israeli government. UC has the obligation to provide this safe environment.

The university recently formed a committee to address the frightening rise in anti-Jewish hatred, much of which is tied directly to contentious anti-Israel campaigns. This is an important development.

The first task of the committee should be to adopt a school-wide definition of anti-Semitism that can be used to properly identify and educate against anti-Semitism. As we all know, the first step to addressing a problem is to name it, to understand it. Our government has a definition it has been using for a decade to identify anti-Semitism around the globe. The US State Department’s definition recognizes that contemporary anti-Semitism has assumed various forms and, as the US Commission on Civil Rights found, is often “camouflaged as anti-Israelism or anti-Zionism.” As Pope Francis declared last month and UC students have been saying for months, denying Israel’s right to exist is no less anti-Semitic than swastikas, anti-Semitic slurs and discrimination based on religion.

It’s time the university stood up for Jewish students and put an end to the hate that has been festering for far too long.



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Does Robert Mueller Want to Create a Civil War?

Mueller and Comey, not only being good friends, appear to have the same bad habits; leaking classified information. The Dog and Pony Show against President Trump has taken many twists and turns, but with all of the digging and probing it has led us nowhere. It is time to investigate the real culprits: Lynch and Comey and the obstruction of justice in Hillary’s E-Mailgate.


How are we supposed to take the myriad leaks coming from Robert Mueller’s special investigation of what I guess we could call “The Russian Matter”?

You would think that on the day Rep. Steve Scalise was shot the lava-like flow of illegal and frequently inaccurate leaked information being promulgated ad infinitum by the Washington Post, the New York Times, and CNN (among others) would stop for a moment’s respectful pause, but no — at least not at the Washington Post.

That very day they were “reporting” [scare quotes deliberate] that five, count ’em five, needless-to-say unnamed “officials” [scare quotes again deliberate] were saying Donald Trump is under investigation for obstruction of justice by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

In Thursday’s WaPo”exclusive,” it’s son-in-law Jared Kushner under the leak-o-scope. This article, like the one before, is accompanied by the paper’s typical boilerplate that they seem to have in macro. (Do they teach this in j-school now?):

The officials who described the financial focus of the investigation spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly.
I thought they weren’t “authorized” to speak at all. I thought it was against the law to leak — naive me.
Obviously, the Post doesn’t care. A scoop’s a scoop to these denizens of digital Grub Street who seem to have to sprung virtually unchanged from the pages of Boswell’s “London Journal,” or is it Evelyn Waugh?
The Morning Briefing: Eye on Kushner, DOJ Smacks the Leakers
These leaks have appeared only days after this supposedly confidential investigation began. Where did they come from? Inside the FBI? If so, that organization (with five leakers!) is seriously corrupt and should be disbanded. Yes, you read that correctly. If serial leaks are coming from the FBI, our leading law enforcement agency is betraying the America people and is staffed with a number of criminals of the most despicable entitled sort. They think they know what’s best for us hoi polloi, so they are allowed to break the law with impunity when the rest of us poor schmucks have to toe the line on a parking ticket. Over such things are civil wars and revolutions fought (taxation without representation, etc.) — with justification.

That is a big story, bigger even than Trump/Russia (well, that wouldn’t be hard). Whether or not Trump obstructed justice we have no way of knowing (though Alan Dershowitz and Jonathan Turley are skeptical), but we do know that illegal leakers are all over our government from intelligence agencies to the FBI. This is quite simply totalitarianism on the march, the subversion of the rule of law in a democratic republic.

What we are witnessing is a cross between “Animal Farm” and Ugo Betti’s “Corruption in the Palace of Justice” as produced by Jeff Bezos. It also resembles the techniques employed during Stalin’s show trials when “information” was leaked to the reliable press to assure the discrediting of defendants in advance of their testimony. Considering what we have seen in recent days, I have no doubt that some of these leakers would love to see both Trump and Kushner sent to the Gulag, if only we had one.

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